Grants and awards

2020   Impacts of multiple sensory pollutants on freshwater communities. Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne; Parris: $30,000.

2018   Winner, Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne

2018   McCoy Project Grant; Listening for Conservation: Building capacity for acoustic monitoring of Victoria’s critically endangered species; Lahoz-Montford, Rowe, West and Parris: $19,100

2016   Australian Academy of Science, Fenner Conference on the Environment: Urban Sustainability and Conservation, 2017/18; Jones, Hahs, Parris and Hall; $20,000

2016  Winner, British Ecological Society Science Slam

2015-2021   National Environmental Science Program, Research Hub for Clean Air and Urban Landscapes: Rayner, Parris, Hobbs, Bekessy et al. ($8,882,910)

2014-2017   ARC Linkage Grant (LP140100343):  Swearer, Parris, Mulder, Pettigrove and Coleman, Assessing the ecological costs and benefits of artificial wetlands in urban landscapes ($299,963)

2011-2015  National Environmental Research Program, Research Hub for Environmental Decisions, University of Melbourne Node:  Wintle, McCarthy, Vesk, Parris, Burgman and Bode ($3,200,000)

2010-2013   ARC Linkage Grant (LP100200158):  Parris, Melville, Austin and Littlejohn, The impact of severe bushfires on the ecology, demography and genetics of frogs in the Victorian Kinglake region ($210,000)

2009-2012   ARC Linkage Grant (LP0990161):  Parris, McCarthy, Hamer and Melville, Optimal management of threatened amphibian metapopulations in urbanising landscapes ($340,000)

2006-2008   ARC Linkage Grant (LP0667815):  Kearney, Melville, Parris and Littlejohn, Human-induced changes in the genetic structure of amphibian populations ($221,000)

2008   University of Melbourne Knowledge Transfer Project Award:  Parris, Conserving frogs in urban habitats: A dynamic partnership with Zoos Victoria and the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne ($10,000)

2008   Faculty of Science Research Development Grant:  McCarthy and Parris, Towards viable populations of the endangered growling grass frog (Litoria raniformis) in Melbourne’s urban growth areas ($10,000)

2004   Finalist, National Fresh Science Competition

2003-2005   ARC Discovery Grant (DP0343787), including an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship:  Parris, The impact of noise and vibration from road traffic on the community composition and acoustic communication of birds and frogs ($240,500)

2000   The Herpetologists’ League Award for Graduate Research, US$500

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