Research Fellows



Zena Cumpston – Indigenous perspectives on biodiversity in urban environments




Kate Lee image


Kate Lee – The psychological benefits of engaging with nature in the city




Robin Hale – Ecological trap theory: When good animals make bad decisions



Kylie (2)


Kylie Soanes – Environmental decisions, ecology and conservation of urban wildlife





Caragh Threlfall – Urban ecology, landscape ecology






Matt West – Causes and management of frog decline




Current students

Jasmin Hartel (MSc candidate) – Artificial cover structures for frogs in urban landscapes

Ruthur Lee (MSc candidate) – Impacts of anthropogenic noise on bird-singing behaviour in Bunyip State Forest

Former students

Jessica Kurylo (PhD 2018) – Impacts of urbanisation on butterfly communities in Melbourne

Michael Sievers (PhD 2018) – The ecological costs and benefits of urban wetlands for frogs

Marc Carrabs (MEnv 2018) – Birds and ‘burbs: Understanding how the complexity and connectivity of habitats influence bird communities in Melbourne’s parks

Claire Keely (PhD 2017) – The conservation genetics of the growling grass frog, Litoria raniformis, in an urban landscape

Courtney Parker (MSc 2017) – Effects of traffic noise on the calling behaviour of Crinia parinsignifera and Limnodynastes dumerilii

Vanessa Lucy (MEnv 2016) – Impacts of urbanisation on the autumn-breeding amphibians of the greater Melbourne region

Stefano Canessa (MSc 2010, PhD 2015) – The application of structured decision making to captive breeding and the reintroduction of endangered species

Jane Bevelander (MEnv 2014) – Persistence of the eastern dwarf tree frog (Litoria fallax) in Melbourne: Habitat characteristics and climatic niche

Dominique Potvin (PhD 2012) – The effect of urban noise, dispersal and isolation on the vocalizations of the silvereye (Zosterops lateralis)

Katie Smith-Date (PhD 2012) – A temporal investigation of hybridisation in south-eastern Australian tree frogs

Sacha Jellinek (PhD 2011) – The value of revegetated linear strips and patches of habitat for faunal conservation: Reconciling ecological and landholder perspectives

Josh Hale (PhD 2011) – Human-induced changes in the population genetic structure of frogs in south-eastern Australia

Joab Wilson (Honours 2007) – Impacts of climate change and urban development on the spotted marsh frog (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis) in the Merri Creek Corridor

Joanne Ainley (Honours 2007) – The effects of traffic noise and temperature on the calling behaviour of Crinia signifera (common eastern froglet) and Limnodynastes dumerilii (eastern banjo frog)

Meah Velik-Lord (Honours 2004) – Effects of traffic noise and temperature on the calling behaviour of Litoria ewingii

Lauren Edwards (Honours 2002) – Temporal variation in the calling activity of frogs in the Melbourne region

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