Science communication at EcoTAS 2017

RussellAre you an ecologist who loves science communication?

Ayesha Tulloch and I are excited to invite you to submit an abstract for a special symposium at the upcoming EcoTAS 2017 conference in the Hunter Valley: “Communicating ecology to a broad audience: Novel ideas and approaches”.  Symposium speakers will include early-career and established researchers from diverse fields spanning ecology, conservation biology, science communication, art, scenography and environmental policy.

The symposium will consist of a group of invited talks followed by a set of 5-minute speed talks.  The symposium will also help to launch a new ESA Research Chapter for Science Communication.

If you are a creative soul with ideas about communicating your ecological research in new or inventive ways that engage audiences from outside academia, or if your science involves regular communication and engagement with non-academics (such as citizen science programs, policy briefings or school-based education activities), then this session is for you!  We encourage poetry, art, music, comedy, interpretive dance, and other non-traditional forms of communication during your 5 minutes.

Prospective participants for the symposium should prepare an abstract for their presentation that uses only the 1,000 most common words in the English language (the “Up-goer Five” challenge: see  Otherwise, please follow the abstract-submission guidelines on the EcoTAS website.  The closing date for abstract submissions is Friday 14 July, 2017.

The Science Communication Research Chapter will be offering a prize for the best spoken presentation on science communication by a student at EcoTAS 2017 and at future ESA conferences.

Please contact the convenors of the session if you are interested in finding out more about the symposium or the Research Chapter:

Kirsten Parris, The University of Melbourne,, 03 9035 8090

Ayesha Tulloch, The University of Queensland,, 07 3366 6164

Symposium summary: Science communication is an important component of our work as ecologists.  But how do we connect with the diversity of audiences outside academia in an engaging and effective way?  And how do we communicate calmly and clearly when agitated and ill-informed voices are so prevalent in public discourse?  This symposium will present novel ideas and approaches for communicating ecology to a range of groups including school children, educators, policy makers, land managers, industry and the general public.  These include art-science workshops, science comedy, community-based engagement programs, citizen science, briefings/summaries (such as ESA’s Hot Topics), science books for children, costume, poetry and song.

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  1. Dom says:

    Kirsten, I love this photo of you! I hope it makes it into many an academic scientific presentation. 🙂

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